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If you read this, one or more of his answers might piss you off.But then, if you let it, his advice might end up changing your life. :-)If your goal is solely to make money, you will lose. So, if someone tells you that your glass of Bordeaux has flavors of chocolate and blackberries, you don't expect it to taste just like dessert, but you can sip it and say, "I see what you mean." But can we agree, at least, that delicious things should be described in terms of other delicious things? Here's a brief glossary of gross things used to describe good wines. If you're really lucky, your friends won't want to drink the wine after you describe it, and you'll just have to have it all yourself. Imagine how you would describe the taste of a banana if you couldn't say, "Tastes like banana." You have to come up with comparisons.We believe that people should get jobs based on their education, knowledge, and skills instead of their bodily fluids.

He inspires a very dedicated group of people that will read just about anything he writes.

Then again, how else could oenophiles describe their beverage of choice?

You'll like it even less when I tell you it's a kind of mold that grows on berries.

But when it's on grapes, it can cause them to dry out, concentrating their flavors.

Wine made from botrytis-affected grapes is sweet and rich and has a sort of dusty honey smell. Cat pee This is an alarmingly common term used to describe Sauvignon Blanc wines.

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