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She won't complain about her ex; she won't moan about how tired she is because she was doing housework all day with three whining children, and then had to prepare dinner and take the dog to the vet. This woman is out to have a good time and then come home and have wild and passionate sex on the kitchen counter or the bathroom floor. And before some of you tell me about your strong sex drive after 40, consider this: Her 25-year-young spirit comes in a shape of a 25-year-young, coin-bounce-off-ass body. But hiding your head in the sand and insisting that "real men" don't want younger women, they want an equal is naïve at best and detrimental to your own love life at worst.So when the comparison is down-to-the-minute detail: She wins. When a man is successful and wealthy, he wants a young vibrant woman whom he can enjoy in bed and high society alike.For example, childhood physical or sexual victimization is a risk factor for future IPV perpetration and victimization.A combination of individual, relational, community, and societal factors contribute to the risk of becoming an IPV perpetrator or victim.It almost becomes irrelevant to these men (or this article) whether these young ladies are truly in love or are merely out to make better lives for themselves.What counts is that they are sitting across from a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and alive.

Millennial Alpha Females have evolved into their own breed: not every Alpha follows the traditional description anymore, for some are only Alphas at work, only with friends, or only at home.

She would not like the competition that this male would bring to the relationship; rather, she would look for someone more submissive.

The submissive man, also known as the Omega, would typically allow his Alpha to take charge in every situation: in social gatherings, at work, and in the bedroom.

This makes for a difficult undertaking as a matchmaker.

Which man would be the best fit for an Alpha Female?

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