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I went for a drink with a guy I had been chatting with online.

He seemed pretty normal (good job, intelligent, funny).

What I wasn’t prepared for was the horror story that is online dating as a black woman.

When I set out to create Boomerly, I knew that I didn’t want to build another “over 50 dating” site.

So, what do you do before you decide to meet someone? ” Make sure their answers line up and there are no red flags. You likely don’t have time for multiple dates a week or the emotional energy to be messaging 10 people a day. Remember, you are a unique person who deserves someone who is a good fit. Now, online dating is an awesome way to meet people you would normally never encounter!

Safety First Okay, so maybe the axe murderer is a stretch of the imagination.If anything, this was a way for me to gauge my own interest, and to date in a way that felt a bit more intentional, a bit more on my own terms.And because I had girlfriends who told me about their escapades on the site, the good and the bad, the inevitable creeps and trolls, I felt relatively prepared for an imperfect if interesting experience.I created my first online profile in 2013 on Ok Cupid, a tiny baby step into unfamiliar territory with no real set goal in mind.All I knew was that as someone painfully shy around men, dating in the real world, in New York City, felt downright impossible.

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