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Hovering over the member-type button will reveal a popup menu of all members of that type for quick navigation.Getting and setter methods that correlate to a class config option will show up in the methods section as well as in the configs section of both the API doc and the member-type menus just beneath the config they work with.I have found this example here - Our grid is always in edit mode, by default and we will use data-source to bind the values in tag-box which might be searchable.Hi @dxbykov I've played a little bit with your plunkr example and almost got it working in our own project.

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version Just below the class name on an API doc page is a row of buttons corresponding to the types of members owned by the current class.

Inside the loop, a check is made to find whether the Cell contains a Text Box control.

If the Cell contains Text Box control, then the Text Box is assigned an ID and a dynamic Required Field Validator is added to the Cell.

Therefore, the Java Script would not have been able to find a ‘txt Master’ and would give a control not found error.

Understanding this simple difference between the two methods can save you hours of work! NET AJAX Update Panel, then you cannot use the Client Script.

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Register Startup Script to call a Java Script function during a partial-page postback.

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