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To see an actual [Spirit] and actually meet like this, Eude’s respect for the [Hero] grew more.But the other woman the [Hero] came with was entirely different.

But still, if it were me, I would gladly accept it.” (Pearce) Pearce realized how rude he was and bowed to apologize then relaxed his back on the wall instead. Ah, no…just wondering if your tablet is broken…” (Pearce) “Broken?It happens a lot of time so you won't get a good grasp of the MC's character since it's all over the place.The series started as mindless slice of life without any goal with some actions interspersed, but then in the middle of it the author started to pull random plot twists without any foreshadowing at all.All you have to do is create a standout profile and get ready to be judged - but don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds... The youth who was reincarnated into other-world, Minamiya Kouya who given tons of cheat like ability.

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He was surprised when the [Hero] told them that the monsters were tamed by him, more so that the child with him is a [Spirit].

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  1. You have to know that he — whoever he is — must be the kind of man you can have a true friendship with, according to the three qualifications we discussed last week. The “proximate” choosing of a partner, has two parts: First is seeing if meets your ideals.