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She frowns in disapproval, but I think she’s joking.

The unlikely friendship between the 45-year-old funnyman and the diva who is about to turn 80 will be on full, dazzling display in David Walliams Celebrates Dame Shirley Bassey on Christmas Eve, a show full of songs, sketches and chats about her extraordinary life.

According to the complaint, Doe was experiencing a “difficult moment in his life,” including episodic depression and suicidal ideation after the suicide of a friend during his attempts to contact his ex-girlfriend.

He claims that Notre Dame’s investigation, hearing and appeal procedures following her complaints were “rife with procedural flaws, lack of due process and inherent gender bias, designed to insure that male students accused of any type of sexual misconduct or harassment – concepts that do not apply to John’s conduct – are found responsible.” “The University determined that John’s text messages concerning his suicidal thoughts and repeated attempts to contact Jane for help violated its Standards of Conduct, and constituted ‘stalking,’ ‘dating violence,’ harassment, and ‘willful damage to the psychological well-being of another.’ For these transgressions the University took the extreme measure of dismissing John with no guarantee of readmission, which decision became final with just three weeks of his final semester as a graduating senior left to complete,” the lawsuit states.

‘We have an orchestra and Dame Shirley sings seven songs.

ATLANTA - The Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) will hold its 8th Annual Teen Summit on Saturday to focus on violence in dating.“Statistics tell us one in three teens will be the victims of some sort of abuse in a dating relationship - physical, verbal, emotional or sexual,” said Nancy Friauf, President and CEO of PADV, Georgia's first and largest nonprofit working to end domestic violence.

While it may seem your only recourse was to delete and carry on, now there’s a forum where women are putting these guys on blast and shining a light on the horrific ways women are treated online.

"It's a standard reaction that I've now seen over and over again with the submissions," Alexandra Tweten, the woman who started the Bye Felipe account, told the Huffington Post.

"Guy hits on girl, girl doesn't respond, guy lashes out with insulting message.

“It’s been an incredible six years for me personally as a member of the board to witness PADV empower clients to be who they want to be, not who someone else wants them to be, and to see the incredible transformation of lives.”The 2017 Teen Summit will be made possible with support from Kaiser Permanente, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation, Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential, Peach State Federal Credit Union, CAB Inc., Michelle Cercone, H&W Printing, Stacie and Buddy Toliver, Yates Law and Cox Media Group Atlanta.

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(CN) – A Notre Dame student claims in court that he was wrongly dismissed from school just three weeks before graduation based on false accusations of harassment and “dating violence.” John Doe sued the university in South Bend, Ind., federal court on Thursday, alleging a Title IX violation and claiming the school deprived him of an education through the “discriminatory, gender-biased implementation” of its sexual harassment policy.

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