Effects of liquidation on the liquidating corporation

The ATO alleges that Whiteman used his companies to help clients "phoenix" their businesses — or to hide cash and assets, and then restart the business under a new name in order to avoid paying the tax office and other creditors.

The four companies, operated by Whiteman from a single premises, are Bolton & Swan Solicitors, AHW Solicitors, DNV Accountants and A&S Services.

The details are contained in a report compiled by liquidators Pitcher Partners, who have been appointed to wind up four of Whiteman's companies.

The tax office made the rare application for provisional liquidation last month because it is concerned Whiteman could hide cash and assets if the companies are allowed to keep trading.

The ABC has previously reported on Whiteman's alleged masterminding of tax-evasion schemes.

The taxable value of the benefit will be the higher of the current value or the cash forgone.From 6 April 2017, the normal trigger point is when the salary sacrifice contract renews, auto- renews, starts, ends or is modified or changed. This should align with your normal business as usual contractual arrangements.However, if the existing contract is still in place on 6 April 2018, then there will automatically be a trigger point on 6 April 2018 (this will be 6 April 2021 for cars with emissions over 75g CO2/km, accommodation benefit and school fees).A former bankrupt masterminded a large and sophisticated tax-evasion scheme involving a complex web of companies in order to defraud the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), a court has been told.The Federal Court heard last week that Philip Whiteman also installed people — including a homeless man — as company directors without their knowledge in order to shield the real directors from authorities.

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