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** ** In 2015, Vibe reported how Nelly- who was also dating Shantel then- had a tough Instagram feud over Ashanti, with his former friend/St. The parents of Jocelyn Savage- the 21 year old woman whose parents caught media attention with ? Kelly- with two very different stories to back them up.READ MORE We’ve all heard of stupid lawsuits, but this one right here put the ‘stu’ in stupid. If you caught our prior report, which was just a few hours before ?Teyana Taylor has since made it known that's she no longer a fan of Tae Heckard. Also, one lesson to learn is, it's not always a good decision to date your friend's ex.After a visit to The Breakfast Club for an interview, she stated: Here is the issue. Often times how you got together is the same format that ultimately contributes to your relationship's demise. Ashanti: I think with me being gone for 4 years, everything changed so much from the last time. So for the whole project, I feel the name is just perfect. Sam: The album experienced a few false starts – so I know there was the track ‘Switch’ that was thrown out there, as well as ‘Hey Baby’, ‘My Number Babe’ too. Why was there so many false-starts with the record?Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.After a four year hiatus from the music scene, R&B star Ashanti made a return to the charts recently with the release of her 4th studio album ‘The Declaration’. So, I basically said, ‘let’s record a bunch of records and let’s see what happens’ (laughs).

I had to kind of familiarise myself with everything again, see what the lane was looking like and just threw a bunch out.

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On a particularly frigid afternoon in early March, Ashanti is finishing a day of promotional interviews at a place she calls home, New York City radio station Hot 97.

The Long Island-bred singer is followed into the station's offices by publicists, makeup and hair stylists, her younger sister, and her mother, Tina, who's been Ashanti's manager since the start of her career, and proudly calls herself "MOMager.""Ooooh, look at you! If you paid any attention to pop music in the early to mid-aughts, you'd remember Ashanti as the foolproof good luck charm standing alongside some of rap's heavy hitters.

" Hot 97 host Angie Martinez squeals as Ashanti enters her studio. On chart-topping duets "Always on Time" and "What's Luv," she softened rappers Ja Rule and Fat Joe into mushy piles of goo.

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Nearly a decade later, she's gone through a lot. was investigated by the FBI for involvement with money laundering and drug trafficking; in 2012, she ended a 10-year relationship with rapper Nelly.

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